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Specializing in Medical and surgical treatment of the ears, nose and throat Petoskey as well as facial lesions and skin cancers.

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Sinus and Nasal Disorders

We provide comprehensive diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment of sinus and nasal disorders. Some of our procedures such as Balloon Sinuplasty are minimally invasive and can be done right in the office, minimizing time and cost to you as well as noticeably reducing pain and recovery time over procedures performed in the hospital. Additionally, patients have a quick recovery and are back to work the next day.

For more information, visit www.balloonsinuplasty.com.  Dr. James Slater of Petoskey Northwoods Ear, Nose & Throat. 

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BAHA Hearing Implants and Cochlear Implants – 

Dr. James Slater is the only ENT provider in Northern Michigan who is performing BAHA surgery.  In addition, Dr. Slater collaborates with our Audiologist Maria Thompson to get you back to hearing because we aim to provide you the best service possible. Schedule an appointment with us today!


Earwell Infant Ear Correction System – Babies born with ears that stick out, are folded over or appear misshapen typically do not correct themselves but Dr. Slater is trained in the application of Earwell, a non-surgical mold system that gently corrects ear shape.

Performed during the first few weeks of life, Earwell can correct up to 70% of all infant ear deformities. For more information, please see www.earwell.com.

Northwoods ENT Facial Plastic Surgery

– Dr. Slater is board certified in Facial Plastic Surgery and performs plastic and reconstructive surgery for a variety of problems, including nasal obstruction, facial trauma, facial and skin cancers, facial paralysis and spasm, congenital malformations, face lifts, blepharoplasty and otoplasty.  A full range of facial cosmetic services are available.  Including BOTOX injections, facial fillers, face lift, laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal. Call today for more details.  Visit us on RealSelf.com and watch a video of Dr. Slater of Petoskey Northwoods ENT.

Head and Neck Surgery – Dr. Slater is board certified in Head & Neck Surgery.  Dr. Slater performs a variety of head & neck surgieries including thyroid surgery, neck mass, parotidectomy and other minimally invasive surgery to remove cancers of the head and neck with as little disturbance to everyday function as possible.

Additional Northwoods ENT Services

Ultrasound Guided Thyroid Fine Needle Aspiration-  Additionally, this procedure is typically done on a “thyroid nodule and/or mass” to detect what the nodule/mass is.  This procedure is performed in the comfort of our office suite.  Patients are up and ready to perform their every daily life within minutes after the procedure because we value convenience.

Laser Tattoo Removal-  Have  an unwanted tattoo or the need to minimize  your current tattoo for a cover up, we perform Laser tattoo removal.  Our treatments start at  $50.  Furthermore, Visit us on RealSelf.com

Laser Hair Removal-  Have unwanted hair?  We perform laser hair removal.  Treatments start at $50.  

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