Dry & Store  

Dry & Store is a very effective way to care for all of your hearing instruments, such as; traditional hearing aids, cochlear implant equipment, and ear monitors. They are the worldwide leader in hearing instrument care.

Dry & Store uses a special Dry-Max technology that gently circulates warm dry air around the instruments, while the Dry-Brik desiccant gathers up all the moisture, and keeps it away. All you have to do is simply place your instruments in the tray, and press the on button, it’s that simple. By treating your instruments in the Dry & Store every night, it will make them more powerful, crisp, and even more comfortable. There also is a germicidal lamp, that can destroy 99.9% of micro organisms that can end up living in your ear. This prevents any odors, itching, irritation, or infections that could occur from not properly taking care of your hearing instruments.

Mack’s Ear Plugs

Since 1962, we’ve committed to supplying the highest quality, innovative hearing protection, sleep aids, and swimmer’s ear prevention products at the best possible value. Today we offer a full range of earplug styles for sleeping, swimming, bathing, snoring, music, shooting, traveling, loud noise, and flying discomfort.

Ear Band-It

Our swimming headband & water earplugs have been protecting ears for over 25 years!
  • Makers of the ORIGINAL swimming headband. 
  • Invented by an Ear, Nose, Throat Doctor.
  • Helps prevent swimmer’s ear and continues to lead the way in the ear protection market.
  • Recommended by doctors worldwide & great for ear tubes. 
  • Ear Band-It® Ultra is the best swimming headband on the market!
  • Putty Buddies® swimming earplugs are the world’s only floating moldable silicone earplugs!
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