Defend Ear – Recreational Earpieces

Custom Ear Molds

We specialize in Custom Ear Molds for:

  • IPod and M3P players
  • Swim molds
  • Hearing Protective devices for musicians and hunters
  • Telephone and Bluetooth headsets

Defend Ear has been handcrafting earpieces in the USA since 1959. They offer recreational earpieces in a wide variety of colors and styles, to fit anyone’s wants and needs. These earpieces are specially crafted to work for certain environments, and each work a different way. The Passive earpieces are created for high noise environments, and are perfect for those who need to filter out certain noises. They are most popular with musicians, dentists, flight attendants, and those who work in industrial environments, with a wide variety of noise exposure. Personal earpieces are also available to those who want ear protection from the elements. Those who play water sports, are in the water often, or are into motorsports, can be protected from the air and water around them that can cause damage to the ears. Digital earpieces are also available for those people who need it for hunting and shooting. The digital earpiece is specially designed to amplify low volume sounds, such as animal movement, while also suppressing the noise from a gun shot. These are perfect for those who love to hunt, or often find themselves at shooting ranges.

Our earpiece protection is custom made in the office.  Call today!  231-348-5900

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